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February 24, 2017

A Warm Day in February

FILED IN: Personal

What do these three things have in common? A Swing set, a blanket and some sunshine? Well, for starters…they make great ingredients for a fun day with the kiddos outside! We have two children: Emilia who will be three in May and Ethan who will be 5 months old in February! We are still working on this transition from one to two children! Not going to lie, it’s been a little tough sometimes! Our little girl is full of life and energy, never stops moving, has the most BEAUTIFUL CURLS I have ever seen, a contagious laugh and so much love to give! With that being said, having a newborn in the house has been a small challenge with making sure that Emilia isn’t stuck inside all day while mama takes care of the baby!

This past Thursday, after I picked her up from her Mother’s Day Out program, I had already made up my mind that we were going to spend time outside! I mean, it was 70 degrees in February and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! She has been playing outside at school and has been begging me to go outside after dinner but there are too many mosquitos!! So, I came up with this little plan to give her a “BIG SURPRISE!” So on the way home, I talked with her about things that she liked about being outside! She told me that she liked the sun, and to swing and to slide and to run! When we got home, I packed up a bag with some toys for the baby, snacks and water for us, my iPad for some fun music and a blanket! I told her, “Let’s go on an adventure!” She got the biggest grin on her face! We walked around the house some while I made her guess where we were going…only to end up at the back door of our house! I opened the door and said “welcome to our adventure sweet girl!” She got the biggest smile on her face and said…”I get to pway ‘out-tide’ mama!!!” So out we went!

I spread out the blanket in a shaded area for me and little brother, put out his toys so he could play, set up our snacks and water bottles and sent her on her way! She ran over to her swing set and greeted it like a long lost friend! I’m ashamed to admit how long it had been since we had even set foot in the backyard, but seeing the pure joy across her face just being able to be free and play to her little hearts content! She played “airplane” on her swings by swinging on her belly. Played roller coaster on the slide as she slid with her hands up in the air! She ran, ran, ran all around the backyard like a racetrack!

While it’s not something I do every day, this little “adventure” opened my eyes to something. I’ve been stressing so much over finding things to do with Emilia, things that she likes, to help her with the transition of becoming a big sister! I oftentimes forget that sometimes just the simple things are the best. A simple trip to the backyard (which is something you can do everyday) was made bigger and more fun by simply adding a little bit of an element of surprise! I’m going to try to find one fun “adventure” each week to do with them…hopefully I can stay creative and fun!

Stay tuned for more about our time transitioning from a family of one little to a family of two littles and all that might go along with it! Who knows what I’ll come up with next?


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