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December 22, 2017

Goal Setting | Part One

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If you’ve been following our posts on Instagram or Facebook, you know that we’ve been talking a lot about goals. We’ve really taken some time over the past week or so and started to examine our lives as individuals, as a family and as business owners.

Not gonna lie y’all, it’s been ROUGH.

Setting Goals Is Scary!

Taking the time to truly dig deep and put things down on paper that you want to do is scary. Setting goals can be scary because let’s face it, no one wants to fail and not hit those goals. What’s even scarier is taking the time to really take an inward glance at our selves to find out how our visions for our future are truly affected by our individual person and that mindset we carry.

We took the time and listed out several visions we have for ourselves, family and business as it relates to almost every aspect of our lives. It was so liberating to write it down and say it out loud to each other, but it also felt kind of crazy.

Setting Goals Is Liberating!

I mean could we really do this?

Could our lives really be like this?

To be able to go to the park on a Tuesday afternoon and then stroll around Target with Starbucks with our kids? To go to the beach in February because we could? To wake up without a blaring alarm clock at the crack of dawn and just leisurely start our day with a pot of coffee, the news and watching our kids play?

Sounds crazy right?

It’s Not.

When we sat down and thought of what we are truly capable of, these lofty visions started to feel more real and attainable.

Setting Goals is REAL!

It’s going to take a lot of work. A lot of dedication and a whole lot of goal setting. Setting big goals, setting smaller goals, setting micro-goals that support the smaller goals which in turn help us hit the big goals.

One of the things that we’ve learned is that sometimes you just need to make goals NON-NEGOTIABLE. We’ve set some of these goals for ourselves. We said it out loud, wrote it down and promised it to each other. It’s going to take sacrifice, hard work, late nights, a lot of work on ourselves and a whole lot of trust and faith in Jesus to continue guiding us on the right path!

We are so excited about where these goals are going to take us. We will share more about some of these goals we’ve set in another blog post…so stay tuned!

Until then, we’ll leave you something we want you to do…share with us your top 10 goals YOU want to work toward in 2018! To make the goal setting process easier, we have created this goal planning download just for you!

Click here to grab your guide!

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