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January 1, 2018

Goal Setting | Part Two

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Many of y’all have seen us posting about goals and goal setting a TON when it comes to our business and personal lives. We promised in our last blog that we would let you in on some of our goals we want to work towards in the next 90 days, some in the next year and some that might take longer! Setting goals begins with a vision. A vision that you have for your life, your family, and yourself! When we took a step back and really envisioned what we wanted our life to look like, we realized just how far we were from it! At first, that thought was kind of depressing. Then, we realized that it would just take work and dedication and we know that we could achieve those goals in time!

One of the visions we have for our life is really summed up by one word: FREEDOM. We want the freedom to be able to do something whenever want to. Kids want to go the park on Tuesday at noon? No problem, mom and dad will take you! We want to get away for a week with no kids in the middle of September…sure let’s do it! Want to take the kids to the beach in February because it’s too cold here…LET’S GO. Want to sleep in and stay in bed all day and watch movies? You bet! Not saying that we would do all those things all the time…but we could! We want the freedom to just be a family and be together more! Life is so short and our kids grow up in the blink of an eye! We want to be present with them every chance we get!

So what are some of the goals we set for ourselves? I’ll start with some of our 90-day goals that we set to get us heading in the right direction in 2018:


  • Join a gym or start BeachBody on Demand (I realize this is totally cliche for the New Year, but we used to be gym rats and LOVED it and we want to get back to that)
  • Begin the process of pre-approval for buying a new house in Powell/Fountain City/North Knoxville
  • Pay off our smallest debt (one of Ethan’s hospital bills)
  • Finish up the coursework that helps us plan our Instagram and social media accounts for Matthew and Brittany


So those are goals that we are going to accomplish in the next 90 days! It’s important to make sure that when you set 90-day goals you are realistic about it! We talked about how making goals non-negotiable is so important. One of the ways was by posting it on social media or telling others! So there you go! 🙂

Next up, let’s talk about some of those goals that we have set for ourselves that are much bigger…and maybe even a little lofty! These are goals that help support the vision of freedom we have for our lives!


  • To be debt free
  • To move to Powell/Fountain City/North Knoxville
  • Make 10,000 in one month from our business
  • Make a 6 figure salary
  • Own a vacation home
  • Get back in shape (both of us)
  • To be able to send our kids to a private Christian school
  • To purchase a new second car
  • Serve on a Mission Trip as a Family
  • Create a successful online business
  • Pursue photography in a Full-Time Capacity


This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the goals, but it is some of them that we’ve set. Some of them are lofty (6 figure salary, owning a vacation home) but some of them are more realistic (getting back in shape, sending kids to private school). The important thing is that we have set these goals for ourself and our family. They aren’t all going to happen in 90 days, a year or even 5 years…BUT we know what we are working towards with each and every step that we take as a family, as individuals, and as entrepreneurs!

We all set goals each and every day! What will it take for you to really reach those goals? Do you need to write about it? Tell your best friend and have them check on you? Write it in your kitchen so you see it every single day? Whatever it may be, find a way to make your goals non-negotiable and achieve them! What are some of those “big goals” you’ve set for yourself this year and beyond? Comment below and tell us your top 3 goals that you have for yourself! Remember though, let your goals support the visions and dreams you have for your life!

Be sure to download our Goal Planning Guide to help make 2018 the best year yet! Click here to get your guide!


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