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March 20, 2019

Outdoor Engagement Session | Chelsea and Tyler | Knoxville Wedding Photographers Matthew and Brittany

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We met up with Chelsea and Tyler on a Saturday afternoon in March and oh man, let me tell y’all…it was so much fun! The weather was perfect! Blue skies with some beautiful clouds here and there. Only thing, it was COLD when that wind hit! We kept having to jump back in the car for heat blasts! We always have this fun “game” that Matthew and I end up playing that is usually “so what kind of car did they drive again?” We spend half of the time we’re there waiting being all “is that them? Oh, no that’s definitely not them!” Anyways, they always end up finding us but we totally always worry about our sweet couples finding us for our engagement sessions!

When Chelsea and Tyler arrived, we decided to try a new spot to begin with before we headed on into our normal go-to spots! We weren’t entirely sure if it was going to work, but the light was GORGEOUS…so we had to try it out! We were, well technically Matthew was, so right! Between the water, the rocks and the trees and our amazing couple…this spot was a great spot to begin our session with them!

We always begin each of our sessions with a good bit of education. We walk them through what to expect during our time together. Then we will go through each of our foundational “poses” or rather “foot position” and trying to just get them comfortable in front of the camera. Because, if we’re being real here…having professional photos taken isn’t something most people do every single day. It takes some time to loosen up, but Chelsea and Tyler were total pros! They were so cute with each other and I love it!

Once we got rolling in our first spot and got comfortable with each other and the cameras, we decided to go into our normal places!! Chelsea and Tyler were our first engagement session of the season, so we were super excited to see them again! One of my main goals throughout the entire session is to really just get to know our couples even more! So I just talk and talk and talk. Sometimes, I bet Matthew would like it if I would hush every once in a while but hey, it works 🙂

One of the funniest moments of the day totally revolves around food…but not how you think! We were trying to make Chelsea and Tyler crack up and get that genuine, smile as big as your face and smiling with your eyes laughter…so we asked Tyler to whisper his order at his favorite restaurant (Chick Fil A of course) in her ear! By the end we were all dying…”hot and steamy 12 count nugget!!!” When we moved into another location, we randomly find out that Chelsea LOVES French fries. Like loves, loves French fries! She told us that when she comes home and Tyler has made French fries…she gets so excited and knows it’s gonna be a fun night! She’s a girl after my own heart! Even as I write this, I’m now wanting some loaded cheese fries from Sam and Andy’s here in Knoxville!

At the end of the session, we found this beautiful gravel road that had some perfect light on it. So we jumped on it! We saw this car coming down the road and we moved over so he could drive on by. He came half-way down the road, then literally puts the truck in reverse and backs back down. We stood there trying to figure out what to do. So once we realized that the truck wasn’t going to move, we jumped back in the middle of the road and kept going! Suddenly, we hear gravel crunching under tires. It’s the truck again! It comes part of the way and then BACKS UP AGAIN! By this point, Chelsea, Tyler, Matthew and I are totally convinced that they see something we don’t! Eventually, a couple more cars go around the truck as it pulls off to the side of the road! Weirdest thing ever! It FINALLY passes us as we’re finishing up our session. Some people just make me laugh!

Chelsea and Tyler, we cannot wait to see you all on your wedding day in May at Colley Hill Farm! It’s going to be here before you know it…and it’s going to be amazing! Love y’all!

Engaged couple in Smoky Mountain National Park.
Engaged couple having fun in Cades Cove in Smoky Mountains National Park.

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